Auckland English School

Due to our popularity and the continued growth in our business, NZLC is proud to announce the opening of our second Auckland campus!

The beautiful new campus is located at Level 6, 115 Queen Street which is a few minutes walk from our main campus at 104 Customs Street West.

The new campus is designed to accommodate our IELTS and Business Course students in an academic environment with study areas, useful resources, an on-site campus coordinator and free after-school study support Monday - Thursday. The campus is equipped with Wi-Fi, lounge, kitchen and bathrooms.

Please note that our first day orientation, school visits and general operations will continue to take place at the 104 Customs Street West Main Campus.

Apply here!

Thank you very much for your huge support. The team at NZLC are so happy to announce the expansion of the school as we look to a positive year ahead in 2015!


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